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Comply with customer due diligence rules and never miss suspicious activity again.

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A Complete Solution for Client Onboarding and Customer Due Diligence

Global RADAR® is a comprehensive solution for client onboarding, KYC and customer due diligence. Using our software you can obtain information during the account opening process. We assist you with identifying the client and collecting sufficient information to develop an understanding of normal and expected activity.



Onboarding / KYC

Eliminate obstacles and remain compliant without jeopardizing the quality of the onboarding process.


Document Management

Generate and store all client documents easily, directly from the system.


List Check

An automated solution for screening names against sanctions, PEP lists and internal watch lists.

Facilitates the entire process of Risk Assessment


Our advanced rules and algorithms extend risk rating capabilities well beyond current simplified methodologies. And rather than waiting days or weeks for the results, you’ll know immediately whether you are working with a high, moderate or low risk relationship.


Risk Assessment

Risk assessment on portfolio level and on individual account level.


Dynamic Risk Rating

The system observes transaction activity and adjusts client perimeters in real-time.



Recalculate your entire client portfolio in minutes.

Transaction Surveillance

Track transactions using both rules and statistical based methodologies. Our system detects irregular trends and behavioral patterns. Alerts can be easily created, managed, prioritized and documented.



AML Surveillance

Monitor transactions to detect irregular trends, behavioral patterns, unusual activity.


Trade Surveillance

Track transactions across trading, fraud, anti-money laundering, and business risk units.


Employee Surveillance

Capture and monitor broker-dealer license and and outside business activities.

AML & BSA News Now

Global RADAR®’s BSA News Now has served as a trusted source of BSA news and AML news for over six years, keeping professionals informed on the newest developments and critical industry challenges published in over 350,000 news outlets globally. Updated and distributed on a daily basis by a team of seasoned professionals, BSA News Now eliminates the need for lengthy Internet searches by providing access to a compilation of the latest compliance information, made easily accessible via a daily email.

  • We selected the Global RADAR® solution given its highly developed platform with flexible, scalable and integrated financial services solution. We were committed to adopting not only a best-of-breed solution, but also one that could be easily managed and implemented.

    Darrell Tadley BaruPay, Inc., President
  • With this robust tool, utilizing the customer profile information gathered at account opening and throughout the life of the client relationship, BCI will be able to easily risk rate and manage all client profiles, including those with  complex corporate structures.

    Michele Fernandez BCI, Vice President and BSA Officer
  • Using Global RADAR, we will utilize customer profile information gathered at account opening and maintained throughout the life of the client relationship to continue to effectively meet and exceed the requirements set forth by the Bank Secrecy Act and its implementing regulations.

    Carlos R. Fernandez-Guzman Pacific National Bank, President & CEO
  • Our partnership with Global RADAR® and their integration with all our systems has facilitated our firm’s ability to easily onboard and risk rate new clients as well as proactively enforce our firm’s personal trading policies.

    Mr. Greg Connell CP Capital Group, Managing Principal

Our automated risk rating process allows you to quickly identify high, moderate or low risk clients.


Effectively address client management & reporting requirements by eliminating time consuming & costly efforts.


Global RADAR® completely customizable. Use only the modules you need and stay within your budget.

Risk Mitigation

Avoid the threats associated with large financial penalties for non-compliance and reputation risks.

Named Top Risk & Compliance Solutions Provider

Named Top Risk & Compliance Solutions Provider

Global RADAR® has been recognized as the top Risk and Compliance Solution Provider and was featured in the November 2015 issue of Banking CIO Outlook magazine. Global RADAR® has been identified as a leader for becoming the premier solution that can meet the complex needs of organizations in the financial services sector.

Built by Bankers for Bankers

Built by Bankers for Bankers

We understand the special needs. Global RADAR® offers you more than a snapshot of your customer base. It enhances due diligence by providing a complete understanding of your clients’ risk level and an all-encompassing profile of the customer throughout the life of its relationship with your organization.

We Work Hard to Make Compliance Easy

We Work Hard to Make Compliance Easy

Developed by a team of financial industry veterans at the forefront of regulatory policy-making, Global RADAR® ensures compliance with business needs and regulatory requirements. Unlike our competitors, we know first-hand what your needs are and what it takes to properly address them.