New Law Shines Light on Beneficial Ownership and Identifying Risk

Few things in the area of regulatory compliance are as important as knowing the true identity of one’s own customer base. However, this essential aspect of financial governance has become increasingly complicated (and costly) for financial institutions small and large in recent years. Under the Bank Secrecy Act, banks and other covered [...]


Social Media Monitoring and Compliance for the Modern Financial Institution

In today’s ever-evolving, increasingly interconnected world, social media has become arguably the primary means through which information is transferred and communicated both to and amongst the masses on a daily basis. While recent social unrest and political tensions have in part exposed some of the negative aspects of these powerful [...]


RegRadar partners with Global RADAR to further increase the value proposition of the companies to their clients.

Global RADAR is the one-stop solution to manage compliance efforts from customer due diligence to activity surveillance. Global RADAR, with headquarters in London and Miami, is a leading software provider allowing clients to conduct due diligence on customers and vendors in compliance with anti-money-laundering regulations. RegRadar is an [...]


Russian Hack of U.S. Government Agencies Creates More Cybersecurity Concerns

In recent weeks, the international spotlight has shone brightly on the latest development in the already tense relations between the United States and Russia, this following early reports that the Kremlin appears to have perpetrated one of the largest espionage attacks against the United States since the Cold War. Using sophisticated hacking [...]

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