Know Your Business.

Remain compliant without jeopardizing the quality of the client onboarding process.

Leading financial services brands choose Global RADAR®

As the overall landscape of the finance and trade world markets continue to evolve, the need for constant monitoring of individual activity has become increasingly necessary.


Protect Your Institution Against Money Laundering

Customer due diligence is one of the best defenses a financial institution can maintain to protect itself against possible threats of money laundering and other financial crimes. CDD (customer due diligence) is often referred to as “know your customer,” and it encompasses other aspects of an AML (Anti-Money Laundering) program, such as customer identification and EDD (enhanced due diligence).


We provide access to the largest database of companies in the world.  Total corporate transparency is a critical requirement for risk management.  Global RADAR’s

Know Your Business (KYB) provides a one-stop solution ensure that everyone knows exactly who they are working with.

It is imperative to have the proper technology in place to prevent potential losses, non-compliance penalties and to many risk. The Global RADAR platform allows you corporate ownership and to determine whether or not the business you are dealing with is legit, active and in good standing or simply a shell company.

We provide the largest, open database of companies in the world that can be accessed, analyzed, and interrogated when and how required. There are 160 plus million companies from 130 jurisdictions.

  • Real-time verification and tri-layer cover for businesses worldwide
  • Global coverage with official and authentic commercial data
  • Access to all official and updated data registers in the world
  • Seamless onboarding with easy API integration

Access high-quality company data today.

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