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Managing Beneficial Owner Requirements Made Easy

Create ownership maps and search corporate registries globally including all US states for free. Screen names against sanctions and PEP lists, review related adverse media and social media.

The Art of Money Laundering E-Book

Money laundering takes place in all forms and shapes. There are no social, economic, geographic, or professional boundaries immune from abuse which can facilitate money laundering.


Client Onboarding and KYC

Accelerate customer onboarding by easily obtaining information during the account opening process. Automate your KYC and annual reviews and get more visibility into the activity of your customers throughout the full customer lifecycle.

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Customer Due Diligence

Protect your institution against potential threats of money laundering and other financial crimes. Collect sufficient information to develop a full understanding of normal and expected activity for the client’s occupation or business operation.

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Risk Rating

Automation ensures that the correct information is collected and automatically uploaded for multi-level client risk rating. Advanced rules and algorithms extend risk rating capabilities well beyond current, simplistic methodologies.

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Simplify FATCA identification and classification, gather and maintain documentation, and better manage complex income beneficiary hierarchies and pass-through structures. Easily analyze customer data and test for U.S. indicia.

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Sanctions Screening

Search names of individuals & entities against Sanctions, PEP, and internal watch lists. Accelerate account opening, ongoing list check reviews, and facilitate workflows on list screening results with our Sanctions Screening solution.

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Transaction Surveillance

Maintain compliance through continuous transaction tracking using cutting-edge rules and statistical-based methodologies. Detect irregular business trends and patterns, and create proper documentation quickly and easily.

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