With the heightened scrutiny by regulators and the increase in money laundering activities taking place seemingly every day across the globe, there is a greater burden being placed on senior management and compliance officers everywhere to better manage and enhance their organization’s efforts to manage and counter money laundering threats. However, much of the news and published media reports, especially those in the United States, center solely on attention-grabbing headlines such as corruption in national governments and major money laundering scandals. This leaves individuals responsible for the oversight of their organizations compliance programs in a challenging situation, as there is little to be found when it comes to information that correlates to their institution and its daily compliance processes. Updates on regulations and sanctions, fraud at the smaller-scale business level, and developments that hinder progress on the fight against money laundering and financial crimes worldwide are not found in local newspapers or seen on the nightly news.

So where is one to go to find pertinent information? The answer is Global RADAR’s BSA News Now.

Founded by Dominic Suszek, CEO of Global RADAR, the premier AML software on the market today, Global RADAR’s BSA News Now has served as a trusted source of BSA news and AML news for over six years, keeping professionals informed on the newest developments and critical industry challenges published in over 350,000 news outlets globally. With a global subscriber base, which includes compliance professionals and regulatory authorities from banking, credit unions, broker dealers, investment advisory firms, and law enforcement from over fifty-four countries, BSA News Now provides a simple, free access to reader-relevant BSA and AML news and developments. Updated and distributed on a daily basis by a team of seasoned professionals, BSA News Now eliminates the need for lengthy Internet searches by providing access to a compilation of the latest compliance information, made easily accessible via a daily email.

It has been said that those who do not learn from the past are condemned to repeat it. With the variety of resources and useful information provided by BSA News Now, not only will you be well versed in past, present, and future AML and BSA developments, you will also be empowered to make the necessary modifications to your own program to avoid repeating failures of those that have come before you.

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