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Global RADAR has announced that it has joined forces with Helvetia del Caribe to provide a premier Anti-Money Laundering (AML) solution throughout Puerto Rico.

In a move that further cements its position as a premier compliance solution provider, Global RADAR has announced that it has executed an agreement with Helvetia del Caribe.

“We are delighted to partner with Helvetia del Caribe,” said Dominic Suszek, President and CEO of Global RADAR. “This agreement continues our expansion in the global financial services market. We know the success of this union will set the precedent for future dealings with other organizations in search of a solution to enhance operational processes, reduce costs and meet expanding regulatory requirements.”

This latest Global RADAR initiative will introduce a premier Anti-Money Laundering (AML) solution to Helvetia del Caribe, one of the largest core solution providers in Puerto Rico which has offered solutions for commerce and application development for over 25 years. When asked about his decision to choose Global RADAR as their top AML software vendor to help meet its client’s regulatory compliance needs, Arturo Morales, CEO of Helvetia del Caribe, stated that “We had many options to choose from and ultimately we decided on Global RADAR because we needed a highly flexible and integrated system able to deal with the different needs of the many credit unions we service. There was no other compliance solution we could find that was up to the task.”

The demand for Global RADAR has continued to increase as organizations around the world face mounting pressure to ensure compliance with expanding regulatory requirements. This pressure comes as a result of increasing costs and multi-million dollar fines that are now issued on a regular basis. Suszek stated that “With over $7.2 billion in fines levied against organizations in the last two years, having a comprehensive AML solution is a critical component of an effective compliance program.”

About Helvetia del Caribe

Founded in 1986, Helvetia del Caribe is a company that develops, implements, and maintains computer solutions for credit unions, specifically via an integrated data processing system. Staying true to its “safe investment” motto, Helvetia boasts vast experience in the financial services sector, including 25 years exclusively serving the savings and credit markets. The organization has continued to develop into one of the more dominant innovative technology enterprises of Puerto Rico, which is evident in its 2,500+ successful product installations to date. For more information visit or call (787) 750-3300.

About Global RADAR

Global RADAR is the leader in client onboarding, customer due diligence and transaction surveillance. We make it easier to open accounts in a secure digital environment while ensuring compliance with global regulatory requirements and leverage sophisticated analytics to ensure suitability of clients profiles. Global RADAR is built on four solid pillars of compliance: Customer Due Diligence, Document Management, Watch List Screening, and Transaction Surveillance. Our innovative, customizable application and dedicated support team make us the premier solution to address operational and compliance requirements. For more information, visit or call US 1.877.265.7475 or UK +44 (0) 20.8618.2216.

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