Watch List Screening

Module Benefits:

  • Comprehensive customer screening
  • Multi-layer ownership screening
  • Intuitive, efficient concern match processing
  • Off-line name screening
  • Real-time transaction screening
  • Comprehensive matching algorithms minimizing false positives
  • Complete watch list support
  • Easily manageable configuration options
  • Centralized data management
  • Integrated case management and reporting tools

Our Watch List Screening module accelerates the account opening process and ongoing list check reviews. Global RADAR® simplifies screening for anti-money laundering, sanctions, organized crime and threat finance, as well as providing detailed monitoring of Politically Exposed Person (PEP) relationships, enabling organizations to screen for a variety of regulatory requirements.

Minimize your exposure to the risk of financial crime with an enterprise-wide watch list process that complies with the increasingly complex domestic and international legislation and regulation. Global RADAR® offers comprehensive screening that can be configured and deployed quickly allowing you to customize workflows along with a complete case management system to simplify the review process and provide a thorough audit trail.

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