South Africa Leader, Wooing Investors, Pledges End to Corruption

South Africa's president said Wednesday that his corruption-ridden party, the African National Congress, had lost its founding values and now faced a "Damascus moment" in trying to regain the people's confidence and support.


Australia's Proposed Anti-Corruption Body Called Inadequate

Critics say Australia's proposed new public corruption-fighting agency is too weak to get the job done, and would actually "shield parliamentarians and public servants" from scrutiny.


We are committed to the fight against corruption

As international partners, we are committed to supporting Kenya's fight against corruption.


In Panama, Pope Francis slams corruption as he prays for Venezuelans

"Public service is a synonym of honesty and justice, and opposed to all forms of corruption," said the pope in remarks on World Youth Day.


Why Aren't Hedge Funds Required to Fight Money Laundering?

A long-standing effort to make big investment funds abide by the same rules that banks and brokerages follow has bogged down.


Danske Money Laundering Scandal Damages Denmark's Reputation: Regulator

Denmark's status as one of the world's least corrupt places has been undermined by the money laundering scandal engulfing its biggest bank, according to the country's financial regulator.


Atlanta city council proposes office to investigate corruption

Atlanta City Council members on Wednesday will unveil their own proposal to clean up corruption at City Hall.


Wayne Flynt: Our only bipartisanship is corruption

I don't like Alabama politics. The reason I am beginning this bicentennial series with the subject is because of a lifelong preference for beginning the day with what I like least.


In corruption-plagued Chicago, high-level shakedown charges loom over mayoral race, candidates

Over the last four decades, federal prosecutors have racked up more than 1,700 corruption convictions of elected officials, government employees and contractors, a whopping toll of graft and malfeasance that's left longtime Chicagoans accustomed to the sight of public servants taking perp walks on the evening news.


Cleveland-area trio named charged with money laundering, selling unregulated meat, dumping blood in waterway

A Westlake businessman who owns several gas stations and businesses in the Cleveland area turned himself in Tuesday, along with his son and a business partner, following a years-long federal investigation that encompassed money laundering, an illegal animal slaughter operation and dumping blood from slaughtered animals into a waterway, authorities say.


The time is ripe for a massive corruption clean-up campaign

We cannot afford to wait for new appointments at the Hawks and the NPA to find their feet and for more expert staff to be recruited


The practice of selling passports to the super wealthy gives free reign to mobsters and money launderers, Europe warns

The European Union is set to advise member nations on how to root out abuse when selling residence or citizenship, a practice that critics warn gives free reign to foreign criminals operating in Europe.


AARP warns about 5 new frauds

Identity theft and other fraud rob millions of Americans of their hard-earned money, and new scams seem to crop up weekly.


Pharmacist pleads guilty in Georgia elder fraud case

A pharmacist must pay $2 million after he pleaded guilty to a charge related to his role in an alleged scheme to exploit elderly and disabled adults in Albany and Macon, according to Attorney General Chris Carr.


Corruption can be beaten: Paymaster and recipient must be punished and publicly disgraced

The slippery slope of corruption and how it undermines a nation as well as what it can do to the participants in such malfeasance and criminality.


More than $1 million splashed on New Zealand anti-money laundering billboards

The Government has spent $1.083 million on its anti-money laundering campaign 'Keep Our Money Clean'.


The root cause of corruption

If we want to cut down on corruption, we will have to start working more seriously on reducing the huge chasm between the rich and the poor


The Manganos head for corruption retrial Tuesday

The former Nassau supervisor and his wife are being retried in the same ninth floor courtroom before U.S. District Judge Joan Azrack and on the same charges that Eastern District federal prosecutors originally brought against them.


Corruption takes centre stage in Nigerian election campaign

Corruption is taking centre stage in the run-up to Nigeria's presidential elections, with the incumbent accused of failing to tackle the scourge of graft and his challenger facing claims about his past.


Congo's presidential election result looks to be an enormous fraud

DEMOCRACY MUST have felt quite tangible to the 18.3 million people in Congo who voted Dec. 30 despite huge obstacles, including problems with voting lists, polling places, coercion and malfunctions in the electronic voting machines.

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