Government presented with anti-money laundering proposals

Prompted by the ongoing Danske Bank case, an analysis and a set of proposals aimed at improving the effectiveness of the fight against money laundering drawn up by the Anti-Money Laundering Government Committee were presented to the Estonian government on Thursday.


Jordanians brave downpour to protest at corruption in Amman

More than 300 Jordanians braved heavy rains to protest against economic policy and alleged corruption in Amman on Thursday evening, as a youth-led protest movement entered its fourth week.


Argentina ex-leader Kirchner to be tried for corruption

Former Argentina president Cristina Kirchner, who has been accused of receiving tens of millions of dollars in bribes during her term in office, will go on trial for corruption, a federal court confirmed on Thursday (Dec 20).


Brazil AG seeks corruption charges against President Temer

Brazil's attorney general has accused President Michele Temer of sitting at the center of "an institutionalized system of corruption" and has asked the courts to charge him with crimes as soon as he leaves office at the year's end.


Indian billionaire arrested in London over alleged $2B fraud

UK police have arrested India's billionaire diamond dealer Nirav Modi in London over his alleged involvement in a bank fraud that could be worth $2 billion.


Money laundering scam hits Tampa Bay area small businesses, could land you in jail

A nationwide money laundering scam turns some job seekers into money mules and could potentially bilk Tampa Bay area small businesses out of thousands of dollars.


Jordan touts extradition of fake cigarette salesman to win over public on corruption

Jordan on Tuesday touted the extradition and arrest of a businessman wanted for tax evasion and corruption as a sign that its anti-corruption crusade will continue in a bid to win over a skeptical public and growing discontent over the economy and alleged mismanagement of public funds.


Senate Democrats join the push for sweeping anti-corruption legislation

House Democrats' sweeping anti-corruption bill HR 1 is getting a Senate companion.


Guatemala expels investigators from UN anti-corruption group Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/world/guatemala-expels-investigators-from-un-anti-corruption-group-11044486

Guatemala has taken steps to expel 11 foreign investigators for a U.N.-backed anti-corruption body from the country, it said on Tuesday, further stripping power from the group whose leader was forced out by President Jimmy Morales several months ago.


Scam preys on Chinese students at schools in WA: tells them to pay up or face prison in China

A group of scammers claiming to be members of various Chinese law-enforcement agencies have extorted about $500,000 from Chinese citizens living in Washington on student or work visas, according to the FBI.


Crown disclosure problems revealed in failed high-profile money laundering case

Federal crown won't comment on reasons for trial stay which "disappointed" B.C. attorney general


On Lebanon's corruption

For decades and to this day, there has been much hype, statistical data and a plethora of documentary evidence on corruption plaguing the Lebanese bureaucracy and putting the nation under the yoke of large budgetary deficits.


Goldman Sachs Faces Charges In Malaysia Over Massive Corruption Scandal

The U.S. bank Goldman Sachs is facing criminal charges in Malaysia in connection with a massive corruption scheme known as the 1MDB scandal.


Feds ask court to stop anti-corruption lawsuit against Trump

The Justice Department on Monday asked a federal appeals court to step in and stop a lawsuit accusing President Trump of violating anti-corruption provisions in the Constitution by raking in foreign cash at his DC hotel.


Ex-manager sentenced to 39 months prison in SNC-Lavalin hospital corruption case

A former hospital executive who pocketed a $10-million bribe in return for helping engineering giant SNC-Lavalin win a Montreal hospital-building contract was sentenced Monday to 39 months in prison.


China's anti-corruption campaign snares 1,689 in Guangdong in 2018

Many high-ranking Communist Party officials, civil servants arrested for criminal activities, official newspaper says


VP debate: 'Atiku will be killed for corruption' -Nigerians react to Peter Obi claims on China

The Vice Presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Peter Obi has come under attack following his reference to China's economy during just concluded debate.


Quebec's anti-corruption unit blames media coverage for recruiting troubles

Seven years after it was created, Quebec's anti-corruption unit is having difficulty recruiting members and filling a number of positions.


Corruption is a deviation from acceptable ways - Blagodzi

Mr. Maxwell Blagodzi, Deputy Volta Regional Minister said corruption was not only the use of public fund for personal gains but also a total deviation from acceptable ways and principles of religious beliefs and the national law.


The Perfectly Legal Corruption No One Cares About

The buzz this week in the news was all about corruption. OK, it was about one very specific type of corruption -the President paying women to not go public with allegations of affairs they say happened 12 years ago.

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