AML Risk Rating

Automating the Risk Rating Process for Your Entire Client Portfolio.

Leading financial services brands choose Global RADAR®

As the overall landscape of the finance and trade world markets continue to evolve, the need for constant monitoring of individual activity has become increasingly necessary.


The Complete Solution for Risk Rating

Financial institutions must live by a new mantra: Know The Customer.
But that can be difficult to do if you rely on antiquated processes and paper-based systems for client onboarding and risk rating. Leading institutions today leverage automated solutions, like Global RADAR®, to make the process easier, quicker and more comprehensive.


Facilitates the entire process of Risk Assessment

Automation ensures that the correct information is collected and that the information is automatically uploaded for multi-level client risk rating.
Our advanced rules and algorithms extend risk rating capabilities well beyond current simplified methodologies. And rather than waiting days or weeks for the results, you’ll know immediately whether you are working with a high, moderate or low risk relationship.

  • Risk assessment on portfolio level and on individual account level
  • Dynamic risk rating: the system observes transaction activity and adjusts client perimeters in real-time
  • Recalculate your entire client portfolio in minutes
  • Workflow process
  • Integration with the email system for automatic notifications on risk changes
  • Flexible rules (up 1500 different components)
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