Ohio House Speaker, Four Others Charged in $60 Million Money Laundering Scheme

Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder and four others were arrested and charged Tuesday for their alleged involvement in what a U.S. attorney described as the largest bribery and money laundering ever perpetrated against the state.


Defending yourself against fraud

What's the best way to protect a business from fraud?


Fighting Fraud: Why We Can't Afford To Let Scams Be Part Of The 'New Normal'

Online fraud has always been a source of rich pickings for criminals, but coronavirus and its associated lockdown has made the internet even more of a happy hunting ground for scammers and con artists.


Kerala gold smuggling case: Enforcement Directorate files money laundering complaint

The case has been registered under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act.


BlueLeaks: FBI Aware Large Investment Funds Enable Money Laundering

A recently leaked document from the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) reveals the agency is aware that criminals have "ever-increasing opportunities" to launder money through the country's several trillion dollar private investment fund industry.


Laundering Colombia's drug money

Colombia's law enforcement and international agencies have spent decades trying to keep up with the ever-changing money laundering rackets that finance drug trafficking.


Online Fraud Is Bad For Business And Customers

Almost every brand with an online presence is impacted by e-commerce fraud.


Urgent Warnings Issued by Police After Pattern of Unemployment Fraud Hits Illinois

All over the country, people are receiving letters in their mailboxes that were not meant for them.


Fraud, bias, negligence and hype in the lab -a rogues' gallery

Was there ever a golden age of unsullied science, as a book implies?


UWS condo caught up in bribery scandal tied to world's smallest republic

U.S and Australian courts cooperate to keep owners from liquidating condo at 60 Riverside Boulevard


IRS improves its fraud, ID theft detection

Despite a 30% reduction in funding and staff allocated to tax enforcement since 2010, the IRS received high marks for its efforts cracking down on tax refund fraud and identity theft, according to a new audit from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA).


Data breach reports down for first half of 2020; other scam, fraud reports on the rise

There's been a significant drop in data breaches this year, and while that might sound like a positive trend, identity thieves are still work, and they're playing off the pandemic.


Fraud: Why Everything Old Is New Again

Fraudsters aren't usually static. They're often dynamic when on the hunt for new weaknesses to exploit, new targets to go after and new ways to get into systems where they aren't supposed to be. And while COVID-19 has accelerated fraud, it's been more about increasing the quantity than the quality of the scams, an expert panel told CEO Karen Webster recently during PYMNTS' latest On the Agenda roundtable.


Fraud concerns loom over move to forgive small business loans

Critics argue that there's not enough information available to vet the proposal and that it could heighten the risk of scams.


A fake congregation and tax schemes -California rabbi's years of fraud revealed

The Clarence S. Brooks Foundation is in a nondescript three-story building on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles that also has a Wells Fargo bank branch and an urgent care center among its tenants.


'Systemic incompetence' and 'fraud fallacy' part of broken system at DETR, says former adjudicator

Tens of thousands of desperate, out of work Nevadans are counting on a judge to force the state's unemployment division to pay benefits to people who haven't gotten any CARES Act money yet.


Zimbabwe accuses mobile phone operator Econet of money laundering

Zimbabwean police have issued a warrant against the largest mobile phone operator Econet Wireless to hand over a list of its mobile money transactions and subscribers because authorities suspect it of involvement in money laundering, according to the warrant.


Detroit woman charged in $2M unemployment insurance fraud

A contract employee for the state of Michigan has been charged in a scheme that saw the fraudulent disbursement of more than $2 million in unemployment insurance funding intended to help people during the coronavirus pandemic.


Uncovering The Money Laundering Attempts Of Bitcoin Fraudsters Behind The Recent Twitter Scam

Performing an initial investigation to follow the funds related to the Twitter +1.5%TWTR hack that happened on July 15 to Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Kanye West, Bill Gates and numerous other celebrities and executives of large technology companies, it is evident the many of those funds already hit reputable exchanges that might freeze the funds.


CISI supports police fight against financial crime and other good news of the week

The Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment (CISI) has partnered with the City of London Police to allow its UK members to support the national policing effort against financial crime.

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