Three charged with money laundering in online car-selling scam

Federal prosecutors announced charges Thursday against three people who allegedly bilked hundreds of people out of millions of dollars in an online vehicle sales scheme.


Maria Butina's Boyfriend Indicted on Money Laundering Charges

Paul Erickson, the GOP operative and longtime boyfriend of criminal Russian national Maria Butina, has been indicted on 11 counts of federal wire fraud and money laundering, for what the U.S. Attorney's office in South Dakota describes as a two-decade scheme to "defraud" investors and "personally enrich Erickson."


Politics of anti-corruption

In its latest version, it seems coincidental with the whims of a despairing authoritarianism


Exclusion will continue to fuel corruption

For years, we have been subjected to an avalanche of stories revealing just how deeply corruption is entrenched in our society.


Miami Drug Company CEO Guilty of Fraud So Large He Crashed a Puerto Rican Bank

Westernbank used to be one of the largest financial institutions in Puerto Rico. It once employed 1,500 people.


New Trump-Russia probe will focus on reports of money laundering, 'financial compromise,' Schiff says

The House Intelligence Committee's new Democratic leadership will scrutinize "credible reports of money laundering and financial compromise" involving the businesses of President Trump and those closest to him, the panel's chairman said Wednesday, in what will be one of several priorities as lawmakers open a fresh investigation into the president's alleged Russia ties.


South Africa whistleblower Angelo Agrizzi charged with corruption

The whistleblower who gave damning evidence to an inquiry in South Africa, implicating top ruling party officials in serious wrongdoing, has been charged with corruption.


Why allegations of corruption against the judiciary are alarming

It was February 2014 and the country was gearing up for the much hyped Oscar Pistorius trial.


'Clean' Denmark proof of universal corruption

Denmark ranks number one as the least corrupt in the Transparency International 2018 Corruption Perceptions Index published last month.


Trivialize Corruption, Neutralize Justice! By Wole Soyinka

Impunity covers all crimes, not just material corruption. And any social or governance institution which, through act or negligence, fails to stem the tide of criminality within its charge, flings open the sluices of impunity.


Money Laundering Far More Common Among Banks Than Cryptocurrency Platforms, Banks Launder $2 Trillion A Year

Cryptocurrency skeptics oftentimes refer to virtual currencies as "only used by criminals to launder money.


Iran rejects EU trade, anti-money laundering link

Iran on Tuesday ruled out linkage between a new EU mechanism to trade with Tehran bypassing US sanctions and an anti-money laundering bill.


Feds say San Antonio college student in luxury car case tied to Knights Templar drug cartel

A judge on Tuesday found federal agents had enough probable cause to arrest a San Antonio man allegedly associated with the Knights Templar cartel of Mexico on a charge of money-laundering conspiracy, but held off on deciding whether the suspect will be allowed out on bond.


Corruption and the non-profit sector

As someone who has worked extensively with non-profit organisations in South Africa on their financial sustainability, it is alarming to read an escalation of reports on corruption in the sector and there is no doubt that some donors are having to deal with big question marks relating to the expenditure of funds.


Vancouver council passes motion seeking boost to anti-money laundering measures

Motion presented after concern over cash payments to city for fees including property taxes


Major hit against fraud and money laundering

Yesterday, a joint action led by Germany (the Public Prosecutor's Office (PPO) Cologne and Police Cologne) and Italy (PPO Bolzano, with the support of Guardia di Finanza Brunico) resulted in the dismantling of an organised crime group (OCG) involved in large-scale financial fraud and money laundering across Europe.


Saudi Arabia winds down 15-month anti-corruption campaign

Saudi Arabia has ended a sprawling crackdown on corruption ordered by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman that it said had recovered more than $106 billion through settlements with scores of senior princes, ministers and top businessmen.


When are we going to finally combat corruption?

It is always the hope that a report such as the recently released Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) 2018, by Transparency International (TI), would be welcomed by our national institutions.


Cryptocurrency Money Laundering: Alarming New Trends

Despite the value of cryptocurrency plummeting since 2017, cybercriminals and rogue nations are still using it to launder funds.


Huawei Charges, Venezuela Sanctions, Corruption: CEO Daily for January 29, 2019

The Justice Department's criminal charges against Huawei and its CFO, Meng Wanzhou, were not exactly unanticipated-but they're still a bombshell in the current context.

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