El Chapo Highlighted Mexican Corruption, but Drug Money Also Lubricates U.S. Border

The former president of Mexico was accused of taking a $100 million bribe from El Chapo.


Kirchner corruption trial delayed by three months

The corruption trial of former Argentina president Cristina Kirchner, set to begin next week, has been postponed until May, authorities said on Monday (Feb 18).


Corruption-riddled caviar trade pushes fish closer to extinction

Corruption fuels the illegal harvest and sale of caviar, potentially hastening the slide of many fish species toward extinction.



Together with its national chapter in the Maldives, the global anti-corruption coalition Transparency International urges President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih not to let political position or status become a ticket to impunity for those involved in grand corruption


City of Vancouver joins calls for public inquiry into money laundering

Mayor Kennedy Stewart will write a letter to Victoria to apply pressure for a probe


The Future Of Money Laundering After Brexit

With Brexit fast-approaching, there are growing worries surrounding the UK's financial and economic well being.


This Startup Raised $30 Million. Now, Its Founder Is Accused of Fraud.

This promising Mexican startup closed its doors in the middle of a corruption scandal. How does this affect the Latin American entrepreneurial ecosystem? Experts explain.


Report: Widespread national food stamp fraud totals at least $1 billion, could be as high as $4.7 billion

According to a new report produced by the Government and Accountability Office (GAO), at least $1 billion in food stamp benefits are "trafficked annually," meaning they are fraudulently used. The extent of the fraud is uncertain, the GAO warns, estimating the abuse of the program could be as high as $4.7 billion.


Government's 'zero-tolerance policy' against corruption

In her first address to the nation after being sworn in for her third consecutive term last month, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina announced "zero tolerance for corruption" as a key policy of her new government.


Nigeria's Election Brings Dual Crises Back to the Polls: Corruption and Boko Haram

Muhammadu Buhari won the presidency in a historic election in Nigeria four years ago by promising to crush two scourges that had plagued the nation for years: endemic corruption and a war with Islamist extremists.


Owner of Carnegie construction company sentenced for 'elaborate double fraud'

Robert Seth said his mental health problems kept him from working and collected government benefits as a result, but all the while he was running a construction company and two other businesses without telling anyone - or paying his taxes.


How AI Can Battle A Beast-Medical Insurance Fraud

If a hospital bills a patient and her health insurance provider for a lab test that the hospital never actually performed, is that a mistake or fraud?


RCMP arrest 19 in alleged international money laundering scheme

The RCMP and other police forces arrested 15 people Monday in a series of raids in Montreal and Toronto targeting what investigators say is an extensive international money laundering network with ties to organized crime.


Endorsing corruption

Nothing is more ironic about this administration's vaunted anticorruption stance than President Duterte's endorsement of Jinggoy Estrada's comeback bid for senator in the May 2019 polls.


Five guys committed a $13 million tax fraud. Here's how much prison time they'll do

Five Miami-Dade men used their Doral tax business to defraud the IRS out of $13 million. After admitting it in federal court, they'll spend eight years in federal prison -combined.


B.C. moves closer to money laundering public inquiry; feds vow 'crack down'

Money laundering in British Columbia has become a top issue for the federal and provincial governments with federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau vowing a crackdown, while the province considers a public inquiry.


Corruption does not invest in the future, it kills the future" - Akinwumi Adesina, at World Peace Summit of Global leaders

"We are working hard with governments to improve transparency, governance, accountability and project delivery across the continent. Corruption does not invest in the future, it kills the future," Akinwumi Adesina, President of the African Development Bank said at the World Peace Summit of Global Leaders.


Ex-Corruption Fighter in Romania, Shortlisted for Top E.U. Job, Faces Foes at Home

When Laura Codruta Kovesi was in charge of Romania's anticorruption agency, thousands of government officials and business leaders were successfully prosecuted in what became an important victory in the battle against graft in a country that ranks among the more corrupt in Europe.


Muhammadu Buhari: Nigeria's anti-corruption president

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari was elected in 2015 on a wave of hope that he could defeat Boko Haram Islamists and turn around a country blighted by decades of corruption and poor governance.


How criminals use Uber and Airbnb to launder money stolen from your credit card

Cybercriminals are turning to new technologies to launder their ill-gotten gains, including recruiting fake Uber drivers, shady Airbnb hosts and crypto conversion specialists via the underground dark web, experts say.

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