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Victims of multi-million dollar grain-marketing fraud still wonder where money went

Wade and Breann Fischer likely won't go to Bismarck on Nov. 12, the day Hunter Hanson is scheduled to be sentenced in a federal court for generating losses for claimants up to $11.2 million.


Malaysia Is Revising Rules Against Money Laundering

Bank Negara Malaysia is finalizing revisions to guidelines against money laundering and terrorism financing.



A Dutch drug lord was sentenced to 50 years in prison Tuesday for laundering money connected to narcotics sales through Thailand.


Opinion: FBI fraud busts dent Nigeria's global reputation

he FBI's dramatic arrest and indictment of 80 mostly Nigerian cybercriminals in California last week made headlines globally.


Putting a Stop to Public Corruption

Several years ago, the school transportation provider in Dallas added stop-arm cameras to their school buses to keep students safer and bring in revenue from traffic tickets.


Guatemala in grip of 'mafia coalition', says UN body in scathing corruption report

Cicig says in final report before mandate expires corruption 'cannot be solved without profound restructuring of the state'


ThreatList: Half of All Social Media Logins Are Fraud

Fraudsters are using social media to spam, steal information, spread propaganda and execute social-engineering campaigns.


'Never, ever use a debit card,' warns fraud expert and ex-con artist-here's what to do instead

Every year, millions of American consumers -nearly 7% of the population- are victims of scams and fraud. In 2017, the number of fraud victims in the US reached 16.7 million, with $16.8 billion lost.


Liberia ex-central bank staff plead not guilty to corruption

Five former officials, including an ex-president's son, are accused of printing surplus bank notes worth $16.3m.


Moon's image as corruption fighter tarnished by aide's scandal

Public disapproval exceeds 50% for first time as prosecutors raid schools


Federal probe into union corruption expands to General Motors

A multiyear federal investigation involving alleged misuse of millions of dollars designated for employee training has expanded to General Motors.


Brazil's Jair Bolsonaro fans the fires of corruption

Brazil seems to be engaged in inverting Karl Marx's famous dictum about history repeating itself, first as tragedy then as farce.


The Washington Post Is Complicit in This Man's Corruption

When the FBI came knocking on District of Columbia Councilman Jack Evans' door in June, it set off an earthquake in local politics and business.


Visa: New Cyber Threats Require New Fraud Tools

The phenomenon of payments fraud is not a modern one - far from it.


25-year-old pleads guilty to operating unlicensed crypto exchange, money laundering

A Los Angeles man has agreed to plead guilty to a $25 million money-laundering operation, facilitated in part by a cryptocurrency exchange and a bitcoin ATM he operated.


FBI announces charges against 80 people in cyber fraud, money laundering schemes

A federal grand jury indictment unsealed Thursday charged 80 people, most of whom are Nigerian nationals, with participating in a massive conspiracy to steal millions of dollars through a variety of fraud schemes and launder the funds through a Los Angeles-based money laundering network, the Department of Justice announced.


The EU is launching a new money-laundering blacklist, after its last one was nixed for naming Saudi Arabia

Shocked by the scale of a $200 billion Euros ($221 billion) money-laundering scandal involving Denmark's Danske Bank, the European Commission put together a punchy "blacklist" of allegedly dodgy jurisdictions in February, naming four US overseas territories and Saudi Arabia.


Peruvian bishops launch anti-corruption course after string of government scandals

With several ex-presidents in jail and a decades-long history of corruption plaguing the highest ranks of their government, the Peruvian Catholic bishops have decided to fight back at the grassroots, establishing a university course to educate students on the causes of corruption, and how to stop it.


U.S. fines Deutsche Bank $16 million to settle China, Russia corruption charges

Deutsche Bank (DBKGn.DE) has agreed to pay more than $16 million to settle charges that it violated U.S. corruption laws by hiring relatives of foreign government officials in order to win or retain business, the U.S. regulator said in a statement.


Corruption and terrorism: The case of Kenya

Around the world, corruption poses a major threat, contributing to many of the crises that have plagued economies and democracies over the past decade.

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